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What is Project Disrupt

Disruptions are great creative fire starters – they force us to stop what we’re doing, break out of our routine, and try something new.

Our new Sol lenses are designed to disrupt your usual process, and inspire you to try something different in your photography or videography. So we’ve teamed up with Lume Cube and Mountainsmith to equip 10 lucky people with everything they need to create something out of the ordinary.

Project Disrupt is about ditching your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries of your usual work. We want you try something uncomfortable, foreign, awkward and exhilarating – then show us what that looks like.

What You Will Win

• A Lensbaby Sol 45 or 22 lens

• A Photo/Video Lighting Kit from Lume Cube

• A Tan Kit Cube Small Camera Bag from Mountainsmith.

How To Enter

Tell us what you’re yearning to create with Lensbaby Sol, Lume Cube and Mountainsmith. Simply fill out our short submissions form and submit by Monday October 8 at 5PM PST.

What Happens Next

We’ll choose the 10 winning artists, and arm them with the tools they’ll need to create something new and wonderful. Winners will be announced on Friday October 12, with gear shipping the following week.

What If I Win

The winners will sign an agreement, promising to complete their project by the due date of Wednesday November 7. Projects must be presented on their blog and/or social media channels. Winners must also supply images/video, and a brief write-up of their experience for Lensbaby, Lume Cube and Mountainsmith to share with their audiences.

Get Inspired

Here’s some inspiration to help get the creative juices flowing.

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